The announcement of the killing and wounding dozens of terrorists quality operations in Anbar -

09-08-2015 04:13 PM

Harbi media cell killing and wounding dozens of terrorist organization Daash military operation aimed at gathering north of Ramadi, said while confirming the destruction of 16 boats and three guns and 15 wheel.

Statement of the cell reported that the leadership of the eighth division and attribution of artillery and aerial carried out a wide-scale military operation on the sites and nests belonging to the terrorist organization in the areas of Albu per record and Almlahmh, killing 37 of the elements of the organization and the injury of 29 others .. As the media war cell announced for the killing of five terrorists, including Guenasan while trying to enter the mall Husaybah east of Ramadi
Log mall in Husaybah east of Ramadi
With this security source said the death of the leader Daash organized terrorist known as Abu Jandal Ahazzmaoa Z and 5 of his aides during the bombing was carried out by an international coalition aircraft was on a school elements of the terrorist organization holed up in Khalidiya Island east of Ramadi area. - See more at: http://translate.googleusercontent.c....vcmFLfvG.dpuf