Vice coalition of state law calls for al-Jubouri broadcast vote on the reform package session

Sunday 09-08-2015 | 4:37:17

Twilight News / MP for the coalition of state law Haider Star Sire House Speaker Salim al-broadcast vote on the Cabinet decisions session through the media.

Mawla said in a statement to the media library that "the Prime Minister today took a courageous and decisive decisions and responded to the religious authority and the demands of the demonstrators in Baghdad and the provinces to cancel a major positions of the Republic and the Vice-Minister and feminine ministries and detect corrupt people in the departments and institutions of the state."

Mawla and between that "We support the decisions that Takzha Abadi and the Council of Ministers at today's meeting," stressing that "the coalition will stand with Abadi in the adoption of decisions at a hearing next Tuesday."

Mawla added that "the presidency of the parliament today claim by making the vote on the Cabinet decisions in public session and display the names of voters and abstainers decisions on the media to inform people of the truth and refuse to support reform in the government."