Barzani message to Abadi;agree reforms package 8/9
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Thread: Barzani message to Abadi;agree reforms package 8/9

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    Barzani message to Abadi;agree reforms package 8/9

    Barzani message to al-Abadi about the reforms package
    By Roudao 21 minutes ago 08/09/2015

    Roudao - Erbil

    Kurdistan Region presidency expressed its willingness to cooperate with the Iraqi government in regards to the decision of the Council of Ministers on Sunday about a comprehensive reform of the institutions and government departments in the country.

    And so on, he said the official spokesman for the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region, the presidency of the region supports both Lakhoua overcome the Iraqi government would reform government departments and institutions and the fight against corruption and the dimensions of negligence for state institutions.

    He explained a spokesman for the presidency of the province that in order to ensure the success of the project must take the benefits and the participation of the Kurdistan Region into account at the same time interest in religious and national components in Iraq, without affecting them, and to implement these steps as part of the Constitution and the administrative context.

    He had the voice of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, unanimously, during the special meeting held on Sunday, the first package of reforms presented by the Prime Minister.

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