Allawi's coalition upset of "private" on the one hand the implementation of reforms

Shafaq News / The National coalition led by Iyad Allawi, said he welcomed the decisions that lead to meet the demands of the people, but warned of a return to dictatorship.

He said the coalition in a statement that it "welcomes the National Coalition any decision leads to meet the demands of the Iraqi people who rose up in the various governorates of Iraq, calling for an end to corruption and re-wealth looted and the provision of services and the development of government performance and an end to the quota system, regional and edit zones occupied by guerrilla terrorist and restores the displaced to their homes and achieve reconciliation and it restores the national cohesion. "

He added that "at the same time, the national coalition Ringer dictatorship of the former regime and individual decisions after 2003, our honorable warns of the emergence of a new dictatorship and uniqueness limit the powers, however, one person, which brings us back to black Tuaha periods of time."

"I must mention that the choice of the Prime Minister was on the basis of national partnership government and political consensus where we expected to conform to the political blocs to take decisions that reform has become more than necessary and that Atnfred one side of that."

For his part, the National Coalition leader, Vice President Iyad Allawi, on Sunday, a message to the protesters, demanding that they ensuring the strength and cohesion of the war front to "Daash", maintaining the character of logistical peaceful for their events, and do not allow Mordan of subduction them, praising the invitation of the religious authority to speed up the pace of real reform and beatings at the hands of the corrupt and out of the sectarian and regional tunnel.

Allawi described in his letter that Twilight News received a copy of it, the political process as "failed and that came out by the occupation and built on political, sectarian and regional concepts of balance (which is devoted to the band) and the marginalization and exclusion brought the country into the abyss.

And between Allawi that he Hdhirmrara that the political system of quotas, which would be a bulwark shielding corruption in all its political, administrative and financial forms, and would go down as well as the role of the state in values ​​of justice, equality and the rule of law, which is actually what happened, unfortunately, with all its implications disturbing

Alawi said that the chance of reform loomed after the 2010 elections and the victory of the Iraqi coalition to form a national unity government, but he also said that opportunity aborted internal and external Bflin which contributed to the failures of the political process, began the erosion of state institutions, including the security and military institutions, which are no longer able to protect the citizen of terrorism and extremism.