Mawla al-Abadi supported resolutions and calls for Parliament for approval

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - MP for the coalition of state law Haider Star Mawla declared his support decisions of the prime minister Haider al-Abadi called the House of Representatives for a vote.

He said the Lord's (IMN) said that "al-Abadi responded to the demand of the religious authority and demonstrators and decided to cancel the feminine positions and ministries," noting "we are waiting for the House of Representatives approval of these decisions."

And the face of al-Abadi, Sunday, to deport all the top positions for partisan and sectarian quotas, while decided to take professional committee to choose candidates in the light of competence and integrity standards.

Mawla and that "the demands of today's House of Representatives vote on the decisions taken by the Council of Ministers Abadi in session next Tuesday that".

It is noteworthy that the voice of the Council of Ministers, on Sunday morning, unanimously approved a paper reform announced by the President of the Council Haider al-Abadi today in the presence of 31 ministers.

He called on the Lord President of the Council of Representatives, Salim al-broadcast vote on the Cabinet decisions session through the media to know the people who were with him and against him.

The supreme religious authority called, last Friday, Abadi to be more daring and courageous steps in the reform and beaten with an iron fist anyone who tampers people's money.