Keywords announce the launch of loans to 5 trillion dinars for the three banks

August 8, 2015 20:26

Author: alzawraapaper


Said Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and the Agency on the Keywords yesterday the launch of loans to 5 trillion dinars to the banks, "industrial" and "agricultural" and "real estate," noting that the loans will launch banks are dollar-term bonds and could banks buy them at a reduced price.

He said in a speech through the granting of loans to the three banks Conference, which was held under the auspices of the Iraqi National Business Council and attended by the Iraqi News / Nina / National Agency reporter, "The Central Bank is ready for some time to launch these amounts, I see that do not take these initiatives too long to invest the money to projects, and we hope that This initiative achieve the aspirations of the country. "

He said the Keywords, central bank is prepared to continue lending to banks and micro-finance, to ease the financial crisis and spare the country's external borrowing, noting that "microfinance is active fundamental and important and to achieve a high proportion of gross domestic product and perhaps the first in Introduction all sectors. "

He continued: "We are confident that this will be the start of an important and significant," adding that he will be fired loans by dollar term are sold at discounted bonds.

Promised the central bank as a sensor of the Iraqi economy sees through all the activities of money transfer and sale of foreign currency , expressed the readiness of the bank to add the amount of five trillion dinars bonds and national banks in the future in the event of depletion of the $ 5 trillion dinars in the industrial, real estate and agricultural projects.

For his part, Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Jawad al-Bolani confirmed that Iraq did not achieve any worthy completion of important projects in the plan the past ten years, stressing the need to go to the industry.

He said during a speech at the conference, "The government has constructive ideas to secure food, including sugar and oils that have been successful previously, as it spent Iraq billions of dollars to buy these items from abroad," adding that Iraq Country pioneer in the food industry and construction materials, is now importing the simple foodstuffs from abroad.

promised the central bank initiative of economic initiatives that will move the labor market and achieve part of economic activity, including the housing sector for the benefit of all Iraqis.

He Bolani as saying that a lot of Iraqis waiting for the housing fund loans to provide adequate housing, and this initiative will contribute to facilitating access to adequate housing.

For his part, Minister of Industry Mohammed Darraji, he is not an employee guilt in his company to be parked on the production, saying that the problem is not serious presence in the national industry support and guide that 57 percent of oil imports go out of the country. He said in a speech at the conference, that the problem lies in poor planning and management of import country file, noting that Iraq imported goods by 57% of oil imports during the past eight years is equivalent to 221.6 billion dollars.

He continued: "If the development of Iraqi industry properly to blocked part of these imports, though requiring all ministries to buy what you need from the Ministry of Industry, we could fill a need 25% of the imported goods. "

He called Darraji the public sector and the private sector to cooperate and invest these loans projects serve the country, and called on the government to pay insurance All associate in the Ministry of Industry.

He noted that the Ministry of Industry has taken reform steps administrative most important integrate public Aladarah companies from 73 companies to 37 public company, and there are procedures and administrative reforms and other results will appear on the reality in the near future.

The central bank announced earlier a conference to announce the launch of 5 trillion dinars in loans to banks, "industrial" and "agricultural" and "real estate".

The conference was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways and finance ministers, agriculture, Construction and Housing and members of the Finance Committees and the economy Alniabaten.