Government and Parliament Antvadan to the demands of the demonstrators

8/9/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
, only a few hours not go to the start of demonstrations in the seventh of July yesterday, the first Friday until the government and the House of Representatives has taken, a range of measures that serve the welfare of the response to the invitations launched by thousands of claimants to improve the situation of services in general, and the sacking of corrupt In particular, With hold Council of Ministers today, an extraordinary meeting to consider the guidance and reference demands of the demonstrators, the House of Representatives decided, questioning ministers who demanded protesters questioned in Parliament.

Not only "response" operations to the demands of the demonstrators, the executive and legislative branches, but surpassed for most of it, when many of the authorities announced political and partisan "put executive positions" at the disposal of the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider al-Abadi, a move that Habhtha the positions of a number of members of the House of Representatives, who committed to suspend their membership and make it "at the disposal of the demonstrators," and as he did so, members of the Civil Alliance.

And met with demonstrations Many of Iraq's cities witnessed yesterday Friday, desirability and satisfaction to many observers, who praised the good organization, and the cooperation of the protesters with the security services, which was confirmed by President of the Republic, Fuad Masum, who praised the peaceful popular demonstrations, and called on the executive and legislative branches of government to implement quick solutions to the problems demonstrators service and economic.

cabinet meeting

Immediately after the end of the demonstrations yesterday, the Council of Ministers, called for an emergency meeting on Sunday to consider the reference directives and demands of the demonstrators.

A spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister, Saad al-Hadithi, in a press statement: "The Council of Ministers will be held Sunday an extraordinary meeting to consider the demands of the demonstrators reference and guidance on the provision of services to citizens and tackle corruption. "

Sabri said that "the meeting will examine the recommendations of the cell crisis and the decisions of the meeting which was chaired, yesterday, the Prime Minister with a number of advisers and economic experts in the process of administrative reform and financial in state institutions ".

question ministers

In the framework of official moves, aimed to meet the demands of the demonstrators, Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, stressed that the parliament decided to question ministers who demanded protesters questioned inside the Dome of the House of Representatives.

He said al-Jubouri in a press statement, "The House of Representatives has decided to proceed to interrogate all Minister in the government who demanded protesters questioned, "he said," we do not hesitate in questioning both had a hand in the theft or waste of the economy. "He added that" the House of Representatives will initiate inter measures Siraha street in the near future, "calling on the demonstrators to" exercise their constitutional right and expression their views freely, the tyranny time went. "

political movements

Invitations to respond to the demands of the demonstrators, were not confined to the government and parliament, but surpassed for more than that, when they proceeded with many of those political and partisan to an urgent Ajtmat which proceeded to "put all their posts" at the disposal of Prime Minister, while the oldest number of parliamentarians to suspend their membership until they respond to the demands of the demonstrators.

Has the leadership Iraqi National Alliance held following demonstrations end of yesterday, a meeting attended by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi powers that fall under its banner all.

And the price of the National Alliance, according to a statement, the role of the Iraqi people, and attending actor in building the political process, and the consolidation of peaceful transfer of power through boxes Alaqtraa.ookd National Alliance "commitment to the full under the guidance of the religious authority, and support for the prime minister to prepare a plan of reforms, and the assignment of steps resulting from it, and the development of anti-corruption themes, and improve services as priorities and priorities in the work of the government and the parliament, "In turn, said a spokesman for a coalition of state law, MP Khalid al-Asadi: The Coalition puts all executive positions which are managed by him at the disposal of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in response to an appeal last reference.

He said al-Asadi's "Center Brief for the network media Iraqi "to" call reference and support of the central government to conduct sweeping reforms is to support the approach to the rule of law in the institutional reform and the fight against corruption. "
In the meantime, Civic Democratic Alliance parliamentary bloc announced suspension of its membership in the House of Representatives until achieving the demands of the demonstrators and ensure the entry Government Reform.

President of the Civic Democratic Alliance bloc, said Mithal al-Alusi said in a press statement: "The Congress Civic Democratic Alliance in the House of Representatives suspended their membership even implemented the demands of the demonstrators and to ensure the start of the political governmental and parliamentary, judicial and administrative reform."

For his part, announced the Iraqi Forces Union, its readiness to cooperate with the Chairman of the Board Minister, in his campaign against corruption and reform the corrupt and direct questioning of ministers and government officials involved financial and administrative corruption. Bloc said in a press statement, said that "the responsibility of the reform is primarily the responsibility of the prime minister, being to blame for the selection and performance of the members of his booth, it is that the government of national partnership is the solidarity responsibility to address the crisis experienced by Iraq, particularly the government corruption crisis and Mvsudaiha and Mahdra the wealth of Iraq. "