Parliamentary Integrity: Fateful decisions on the files of corruption soon

8/9/2015 0:00

Baghdad, Omar Abdel-Latif

The Commission on the "integrity" of parliamentary, there is the reluctance of the executive bodies failure to resolve a set of files of corruption, as called for the need to adopt a resolution travel prevents all those responsible until the completion of the fact-finding, revealed the existence of a fateful and important decisions will be issued this week, oblige the executive bodies to deal with the crucial files that are referred to them.

Committee spokesman MP Adel Nouri, he said the "morning": that "dozens of corrupt files opened by the Commission in the previous parliamentary session did not end their work because of red tape." He added: "As dozens of files opened during the current parliamentary session, and that there are characters and put them question marks for the existence of suspicions of corruption in the files that we have received from them."

While He noted that the parliamentary committee nears completion of some of the files of corruption, despite the lag that has plagued the work of sub-committees , point to the existence of old files transmitted in the form of "integrity" and judicial authorities, did not take legal action right commensurate with the size of the corruption that exists in them.

He also said that his committee has the files, "under the hand" and another referred to the judiciary in relation to the recovery of funds and people accused issues issues corruption from abroad, stressing that the hundreds of billions of dollars have been looted by the ministers and agents ministers and directors of two years and fled to the outside and did not take any action to restore that money and personalities, while such cases need to be decisive and immediate action by the government.

He said his committee ago audited the files in her hands, noting that next week will see a series of actions and recommendations which the Commission will be issued by the judicial authorities to compel it decisively files of corruption.

It was suggested that a member of the Committee of "integrity" a resolution by the government to prevent all those responsible to travel, to give notice of a positive to the citizens that their demands presented during the demonstrations have been reflected positively in the corridors of Parliament, explaining that this decision will continue until the fact-finding on the investigative files of the officials accused of completion because they travel prevents know a lot of information, in addition to the possibility of their escape out of the country without irreversible.

In light of the foregoing, the proposed the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary Also, the expansion of the work of "the Integrity Commission" in order to accelerate the completion of the accumulated files of corruption, indicating that it I pointed out the problem of delay in resolving the issues in the body mentioned.

Said committee member Mohammed Hamidi: "The proposal submitted by the Integrity Committee includes the cancellation of the work of offices of inspectors general in the ministries and the various bodies, and the transfer of their owners to the Public Integrity Commission, which suffers a shortage of functional number else backlog files years ago. "

He explained, that the Integrity Committee will take it upon themselves to complete all financial and administrative corruption files that are subject to the achievement of the Commission, according to the religious authority directives on Friday, He pointed out that the fight against corruption need collective cooperation of all political parties.

For his part, called on the Parliamentary Integrity Committee member Aqil al-Zubaidi, federal and local governments to deal seriously with the demands of citizens and non-Tsoevha solve the accumulated problems.

In a statement received "morning" Zubaidi stressed the need to non-diversion of money the federal budget for projects irrelevant, nor the lives of citizens directly affect, and the dimensions of the projects of the wishes of some officials who are trying to set up projects that serve the electoral ambitions, and do not serve the needs of the people.

He stressed the importance of working on reducing its ministries is important and the abolition of special grades which swelled Remarkable, and contributed to the depletion of funds the federal budget, referring to the need to bring the perpetrators of the negligence and waste of public money on regulators and be subjected to this profile to political quotas that used its arms to protect henchmen.