Faili: confused mess measures the implementation of projects

8/9/2015 0:00

Baghdad -hkuran Fatlawi

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Said a member of the investment the province of Baghdad Authority Dr. Thaer Faili in his speech for the "morning" that the Commission is considering all the projects submitted to it and granted the investment license them based on the data provided by the project owner that.

He added that the authority granted up to 130 investment license, pointing out A significant proportion of these projects began implementation adding that there is unequal rates of achievement between the project and another project attributing the cause to various state departments forms, municipal, tax and internal and external financial departments and banks being the Ataataaon with the investor as the best.

He Faili that investor Aithml as a result of the reluctance of the project alone as Mataathmlha state departments and private funding circles, adding that the biggest obstacle faced by the investor is the banks, whether state banks or private not to mention a few paragraphs is encouraging investment in spite of modified in 2010 and proposed by the Commission need to apply the law by the banks towards the investor the fact that one of the most important paragraphs of the investment law is to provide soft loans to investors and this is what is working by the government at the present time where allocated a sum of more than (5 trillion) Iraqi dinars to support projects Alastmarah.

He called Faili the need to exchange the money, pointing out that impede investment projects because of sabotage and corruption, stressing the importance of handing territory and resolve the problem of changing the sex of the land from agricultural to commercial or to residential depending on the nature of the project.

And select Feeli proportion of work in the projects that have been delivered occupied by more than 100 investment project and the other in progress.

It should be noted that the Baghdad Investment Authority, announced the existence of 130 investment license worker provided 30 000 jobs, noting that the licenses were on different sectors such as housing, industrial and commercial, health, educational and recreational.

Inter-President of the Commission Shaker Zamili in an interview, "The total investment licenses granted in Baghdad since the year 2010 and up to now at 320 000 vacation including 20 investment license has been granted in the past few days, "pointing out that" the granting of the license does not mean you start the project, but means embark on completing the procedures, including the ratification of the designs and studies for the infrastructure services that need for some time to be delivered to the investor. "