National Alliance delegate Abadi to conduct "wide reforms" and limbs differ in detail

08/08/2015 20:30

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Governed by a set of reforms ceilings time prime minister Haider al-Abadi will begin its implementation after the wave of protests that swept the cities and streets of the center and south. And stands at the forefront of the reform steps his government feminine and replace some ministers "incompetent".

State of Law coalition government confirmed the existence of the feminine would apply to a lot of ministries, adding that all options have become available to the Abadi after support from the reference Najaf.

But a coalition of citizen believes that the Prime Minister start reforms of his party, who says he controls a third of the posts and positions in the Iraqi state, pointing out that the ministries which will include government Baltrchiq, the environment and women and some of the ministries which have been transferred its powers to the provinces.

MP says Zarjaoa Abdul Hussain, a member of the Badr bloc, said that "all options are on the table before becoming prime minister Haider al-Abadi after receiving support from the reference Najaf", speaking of "the existence of a package of reforms will give them Abadi during the coming period."

Zarjaoa said that "among the things being considered feminine Abadi actions from reformist MPs President of the Republic and the replacement of ten ministers corrupted files on them as a first step," pointing out that "some limbering would apply to independent bodies." Stressing "that does not exist for any red lines in front of al-Abadi after support from Najaf".

In turn, says Prince Kanani, a member of the political body of the Sadrist movement (range), that "the step next Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will lie in the development of a broad reform plan that includes the fight against corruption and the corrupt and change the fact the service and electricity," adding that "the National Alliance research at its last meeting the issue of the consequences that Iraq is going through. "

He Kanani, an adviser in the presidency, said that "the leadership of the National Alliance waiting Abadi to start writing his reforms and presented to the Council of Ministers for the participation of all governmental and executive bodies to apply so as to provide service to the citizen," stressing that "the demands of the demonstrators would be a priority in the reforms of Prime Minister to be provided by In the beginning of the National Alliance for discussion. "

Thousands of Iraqis demonstrated, on Friday evening, in Baghdad and the provinces of central and southern Iraq, chanting slogans calling for political reform and the fight against corruption, and denounced the poor services and power outages.
And exclude the leader of the Sadrist "feminine hold any ministerial of the current government," attributing it to the "merge ministries or Trchigaha need to legislation in the House of Representatives," but he stressed that "the existence of a package of reforms will start Abadi apply."

The religious authority demanded, in his Friday sermon, al-Abadi to be more "daring and courageous" steps in the reform, and beaten with an iron fist anyone who "tampering" people's money, and asking him not to hesitate to charge is not appropriate and that the shift was "supported".

In this context, MP Abbas al-Bayati said, "says the National Alliance meeting, which was held recently, examined the attitudes and demonstrations and events on the political and economic level with the possibility of responding to the demands of the masses."

He announced the National Alliance at a meeting on Friday evening, led by Ibrahim al-Jaafari and the presence of Haider al-Abadi, full commitment to the directives of the religious authority, and support for the prime minister to prepare a plan of reforms, and the assignment of steps resulting from it, and the development of anti-corruption themes, and improve services as priorities, and priorities in the work of the government, and parliament.

He said al-Bayati, told the (range), "The National Alliance grant Abadi, a mandate to hold a series of reforms, including in the framework of administrative, economic and political," pointing out that "the reform package will be governed by the time ceilings to be provided Abadi, the National Alliance and then will be presented to Council Minister ".

It stresses a member of a coalition of state law that the "reference awarded Abadi support is conditional on the application of sweeping reforms will be enough to address the problems and crises faced by the state institutions and the citizen."

It seems the home block, led by Ammar al-Hakim attitude pointing, as he believes Mohammed Mayahi, a member of the block, that "the positions of the National Alliance does not rise to the level of political and security problems and crises."

He said al-Mayahi, "long", that "the Prime Minister to start reforms of his party, which controls a third of the posts and positions in the Iraqi state." Likely that "limbering includes government and ministries of the environment and women and some of the ministries which have been transferred its powers to the provinces."