Parliamentary oil and energy: a new oil agreement between the center and the region

8/8/2015 0:00

Committee members criticized the «prejudice» Erbil obligations with Baghdad

Baghdad, Omar Abdel-Latif / Shaima Rashid

revealed Chairman of the Commission on oil and energy and natural resources in the House of Representatives, Iaraz Abdullah, about the existence of a trend towards the conclusion of a new oil agreement between the central government and the Kurdistan region of Iraq, reassuring People sons that the oil region, which is sold abroad come revenues to them.

In spite of this trend, the Committee on Oil, criticized at the same time, the policy of the provincial government efforts to sell its oil without reference to the center, as alluded to by the Attorney Zaher al-Abadi, calling the central government to take several measures including, filed a lawsuit against companies that do business with the region or prevent Kurdistan's share of the budget.

The head of the parliamentary committee, MP Iaraz Abdullah, in a statement singled out by the «morning»: it was possible to re-apply the oil agreement signed last year between the province and the center, or amended or a new law is capable of resolving all taking place between the two problems, pointing to the existence of a trend for the conclusion of a new oil agreement between the center and the region can solve this problem in part.

He held Chairman of the Commission on oil, the parties responsible for non-implementation of this agreement until the enactment of the oil and gas law by the House of Representatives, confirming the presence of serious attempts between them to reach a new agreement or walk towards the application of the previous agreement.

He Abdullah, expressed optimism re agreement between the center and the region, adding that the region even if the oil sold abroad, the the proceeds will be for the country and the people, not be lost in vain as sharp as other, stressing the importance of the distribution of oil revenues the province fairly, whether from Basra or Kurdistan.

For its part, saw Committee member Fatima Hamidi, said the Kurdistan region committed a legal violation Ptnsalh for the agreement with the center.

She said Hamidi in a statement summed up by the «morning»: The oil agreement concluded between the center and the region was not an ordinary, but was based on a large and wide understanding between the parties and within the state budget for 2015 items, arguing that slough Kurdistan region with him is a violation Qanonaa.oualeman that the committee and by knowing the this agreement, the province after it signed a memorandum of understanding between him and the center-oil marketing company «Sumo» of the Ministry of Oil has delivered 160 000 barrels in the beginning, and arrived at the peak extradition 550 000 barrels, and according to the agreement, while the government has handed over amounts due Bzmtha against all the quantities sent by the Kurdistan region to, but with the beginning of the month of June, the province began to deliver less than the agreed quantity, and Kirkuk's oil, not Kurdistan, and then Disclaimer about this agreement and preferred to sell its oil abroad rather than handed over to Baghdad under the pretext of non-compliance with the agreement.

Furthermore, said a member of the Commission on oil and energy, Zaher al-Abadi, said the province breached all agreements concluded with the center, calling for the establishment of a lawsuit against companies that do business with the region.

The MP said al-Abadi told the "morning": "The Kurdistan Regional Government did not comply with the agreement of the Ministry of Oil in all its forms, and become oil sells in person and the benefits of the oil back into the region exclusively and does not return anything from the sale of oil province to the treasury of the federal government." He called MP federal government in the absence of commitment to the region in agreement oil to take action against the provincial government, including preventing 17 percent of the region's share in the budget and the establishment of a lawsuit against the companies that buy oil from the region, stressing that the federal government continues to enjoy a capacity to deal with the chest region.