Abadi Office: financing private sector will develop five trillion dinars, the Iraqi economy

Publishing Date: Sat, 08 Aug two thousand and fifteen 8:40:29

He invited a group of leaders of the Peshmerga in the Kurdistan region, Saturday, Kurdish parties to sit at the dialogue table to solve their problems, stressing that the Kurdistan region is going through a sensitive conditions, while calling for the need to preserve the unity of the Kurdistan grade.

According to a statement signed by 42 of the most prominent leaders of the Peshmerga Kurdistan region, and received by the agency news of the day a copy of it, he was "in the name of all our brothers Peshmerga call for respect for the blood of martyrs and heroes take risks that threaten Kurdistan and the living conditions of the citizens into consideration."

Leaders in their statement called on Kurdish political parties to "accelerate reference to the table of dialogue and resort to peaceful solution away from the narrow partisan interests, so that the people of Kurdistan does not pay that tax."

The leaders stressed "the importance of the unity of the Kurdistan grade", noting that "the region is going through a sensitive conditions".

The Kurdistan region is witnessing a heated debate on the issue of the presidency of the Kurdistan region, where the Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani demanded in a statement to extend the mandate for another two years Barzani as he emphasized his support for the parliamentary system in the region and the distribution of powers between the constitutional institutions.

It is noteworthy that all of the Kurdish Change Movement and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Islamic Union of Kurdistan and the Islamic Group declared their support for the establishment of a parliamentary system in the Kurdistan region and presented four projects concerning the presidency of the region Amendment Act.