Central affirms its readiness to finance small projects to spare the country from external borrowing

Since 08/08/2015 16:26 pm (Baghdad time)

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The governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, Saturday, his willingness to continue lending to banks and micro-finance, to ease the financial crisis and spare the country from external borrowing.

According Keywords in a speech during the conference to grant loans to banks, "industrial, agricultural, real estate," "The central bank is ready from period to launch these amounts and I see that do not take these initiatives are long and invest the money in projects and time, and we hope that this initiative achieve the aspirations of the country."

He added that "microfinance is active fundamental and important and to achieve a high proportion of gross domestic product and perhaps the first in the forefront of all sectors, noting" We are confident that this will be the start of an important and big, and ease the financial crisis and spare the country from external borrowing will be launched loans by dollar term bonds sold at a reduced price. "

Keywords promised "the central bank act as sensors of the Iraqi economy and see through all the activities of money transfer and sale of foreign currency and expressed the bank's readiness to add more money to banks in the future in the event of depletion of the amount of the 5 trillion dinars in the projects."

It was "the central bank may hold today a conference to announce the launch of 5 trillion dinars loans to banks," industrial, agricultural, real estate "in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways and Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords and ministers" financial, agriculture, industry, housing, "and members of the Finance Committees and the economy Alniabaten ".anthy 29 / d 25