Sadr calls Abadi formation of independent commissions to refer the "spoilers" to eliminate

08/08/2015 19:58

All blocs, including the Liberal cooperate fully block but we had other disposition.

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: called the leader of Sadr Muqtada al-Sadr, Saturday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to the formation of independent commissions for referring the files of corruption and "spoilers" in the judiciary, as he emphasized his support for Ebadi in "reformist struggle," the Liberal bloc and the rest of the political blocs demanded full cooperation "Otherwise we acted else."

Sadr said in a statement published by local media, followed up "obelisk", that "after the popular demonstration spontaneity I have the head of government formation of independent commissions direct and managed to refer the corruption and the corrupt former and current government files to prosecutors Representative people independently for transmission to the Iraqi judiciary (fair ) to do its part to achieve a transparent and neutral mass without differentiating between close and distance, and without marginalization or exclusion of honest and without politicization of this file in any way. "

He added that "all blocs, including the Liberal cooperate fully block, but we had other disposition," pointing at the same time that it "should work on the formation of committees service to move forward towards welfare services for the Iraqi people without distinguishing between the region and the other on sectarian or partisan bases or something else".

He said al-Sadr "and to know that we are with him Abadi reform in his career in government or even in the mass of all the other political blocs, including the Liberal bloc without bias or personal tendencies", describing it as "comprehensive reform of jihad."

The supreme religious authority called, on Friday (August 7, 2015), Abadi to be more "daring and courage" in his steps reform, and beatings with an iron fist anyone who "tampering" people's money, and asking him not to hesitate to charge is not appropriate and that the shift was "supported ".

He announced Abadi office, yesterday, the last held a meeting with a number of experts and advisers to discuss the administrative and financial reform axes and improve services, and with al-Abadi said that the directives of the religious authority will give a great impetus to him, called to build momentum by all workers in the state.

Ebadi's press office also announced, on Saturday, that the Council of Ministers held an extraordinary meeting tomorrow to consider the guidance and reference demands of the demonstrators.