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    Abadi and debugging Options

    Abadi and debugging Options

    ​Independent Press Agency - It seems that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has become in the enviable position as it lay in front of the responsibility of change and reform at a time of intense conflict by political blocs for the acquisition of further gains.

    Demands of the demonstrators reform and the fight against corruption that existed resonate with the religious authority has become a reality if you must act accordingly if we are to save Iraq from the abyss that is heading to after the chaos of corruption peaked people and became the highest degree of suffering until he reached him it's boiling who Aoukdth electricity worsening and the worsening crisis the tyranny of the big controlling the political process and the State Administration blocs.

    Faced with this, we find that in front of the Prime Minister tough choices have to be the adoption of one of them if they are to implement the promise of correction in response to the demands of the angry masses of reference and call that expressed support, with the development of the political blocs that finds it hinder his work in front of a fait accompli to be is and is not in front of people.

    It is the first of these options go toward the resignation of the government in full, in which case the President of the Republic before re-commissioning Abadi option of forming a new government away from quotas and the adoption of qualified technocrats to run the ministries and other government institutions.

    It seems that this option is the most difficult in practice because it is difficult to enter Iraq in front of the repercussions of not commensurate with the stage through which, especially a running wide war against terrorist organizations, such as the race enters into a cycle of complications related to the formation of the new government.

    The second option goes toward a cabinet reshuffle widely where Prime Wazzra express his desire to hold this amendment as existing notes on the performance of ministries. In this matter, Mr. Abadi in front of the two options:

    First: the demand of Ministers to submit their resignations en masse, and the prime minister to accept the resignation of his finds he did not properly directed and wishes of the cabinet reshuffle, the rejection of the resignation of others.

    Second, in the event of refusal Minister to resign on Abadi trend towards the House of Representatives directly and formally demand the sacking of ministers who wanted Bacalthm attached. Thus, the reasons may be disclosed his desire to find that the exclusion of incompetent or by suspicions of corruption, so as he throws the ball in the House of Representatives and the political blocs Stadium.

    The third option, and the latter in front of the Prime Minister towards the correction in the absence of ex-convenient options is to go to the House of Representatives and request an open meeting attended by he and all ministers and invite Parliament contract to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the performance of the government and each ministry and the withdrawal of confidence about who they find unsuitable for office.

    That the options that call for correction that a comprehensive independent bodies and deputy ministers, change and exclusion of remained in the job for a long time, that entails that go down to the general managers and owners of special grades positions measures be.

    The foregoing can be a first step in the process of change, a call for pre-emptive step to complete remedial steps must be decisive in terms of the assignment prove to regulators and the existence of suspicions of corruption on them to justice for their actions.

    On the other hand there are legal and constitutional responsibility in front of the House of Representatives demands to activate its role in this atmosphere and be more serious and active in the oversight process, as the Council and its permanent activation interrogation sessions and activate their role seriously and not rely political conflicts and mortgage their attitudes to current events.

    At the same time, the responsibility of the judiciary before the trials of the former and current ministers and commensurate with their addresses away from any political and sectarian influences.

    What is required today in order to save the political process and Iraq to take a package of decisive action and not a prosthetic and temporary so that it can overcome the cases of failure that prompted citizens to demonstrate this great momentum, otherwise you can not say that we were able accomplish what will correct the political and administrative situation.

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