The parliamentary economic: rising food prices caused by the budget and the collapse of the phantom Iraqi dinar

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - August 7 / August: Economic Commission parliamentary showed, that the reasons for rising food prices in the Iraqi market, lies in that "a lot of ministries when addressing the Ministry of Finance entitlements, given less than allocated from funds in addition to the deterioration of prices exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar. "

She continued, "The economic side of the reasons for the deterioration in the country, lack of health figures also installed in the general budget and voted on by the House of Representatives for 2015, to fake it," claim of the budget sent to parliament in this case to take responsibility. "

The agency said "some of the staff came out demonstrations for non-fulfillment of their rights and their ministries and it was due to non-receipt of ministries to budget sufficient to cover college expenses." Ended O.h