The religious authority warns of the danger of the situation: the Abadi to be more daring in his footsteps reform

7 الجمعة أغسطس 2015 | 01:19 مساء

Karbala / ... called on the Supreme religious authority, on Friday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to be more daring and courageous steps in the reform.

The representative of the supreme religious authority Ahmad net during Friday prayers at the threshold of Husseiniya cleared, and attended the "eye of Iraq News," that "required the Prime Minister to be more daring and courage in his steps and reform it to recall from hampering the reform process any was exceeding quotas party. "

He called net, "the prime minister to cancel all privileges granted to current and former officials in the state,"
said Safi, said that "our country is going through times that difficult and suffers from crises variety impacted seriously on the lives of citizens and the required political forces to unite their positions from the historical battle against Daash terrorist. "

He warned net of "dangerous not to put radical solutions to the problems of citizens," calling on the government to "invest their means to support the fighters of the SPLA and the crowd."

He noted that "the political forces that have been and continue to hold the reins of power and the decision by the House of Representatives and the government Central and local governments bear most of the responsibility for past problems, and facing the country today, ".anthy / 3