National Alliance announce his support for "reforms" Abadi and gives a warning to protesters

Twilight News / met the leadership of the National Alliance to discuss the recent demonstrations in the country, in the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and forces affiliated to it.

A statement by the Office of al-Jaafari in which the meeting was held, that "the National Alliance announces its full commitment to the directives of the religious authority, and support for the prime minister to prepare a plan of reforms, and the assignment of steps resulting from it, and the development of anti-corruption themes, and improve services as priorities, and priorities in the work of the government, and parliament."

He said the coalition he respected the right of citizens to demonstrate, but he warned of what he called "attempts by opportunists, and lurking ride the wave of demonstrations, and crafts for the purpose, and goals do not serve the homeland and the citizen, and avoid damage to public property, or the collision with the charge of protecting the security services, and call on the security services to make the necessary efforts to secure a peaceful demonstration, and protect it from Sneak takfirist terrorism that strives to target such gatherings; to shuffle the deck, stir conflict and discord."