Partnership optimal solution to revive the economy

8/8/2015 0:00

Abdul-Hussein Mundhiri
It notes that economic ties to Iraq has been for several decades centered on one side is the import and export, and there is no in economic behavior of the country's state of partnership with the countries of the world, especially the neighboring countries that are supposed to hold with broad partnerships in a variety of projects such as energy, agriculture, industry and trade, among others.

The concept of partnership is the convergence between the interests of more than one party to create an economic project for the production of goods or services in pursuit of self-sufficiency first and then export the surplus and get the profits that support the financial centers of the partners.

In contrast, all industrialized countries have a partnership strategy with the countries of major companies have girl powerful economies on this principle.

It is the advantages of the partnership that the partners give the best of their potential and competencies and expertise and techniques to ensure the success of joint ventures, for this we find that the production costs go down constantly because the fixed costs decreases with every increase in production.

One of the benefits of partnership providing marketing a wider field of production because the number of beneficiaries markets of these products will be bigger and more and here will be realized the feasibility of the partnership to increase profits.

But the partnership in productive projects from the energy that is Alcbrlve challenge offers require under Iraq suffers from a loss a few years ago with it the major producers in the world for oil and gas, sulfur and other sources of energy.

As the country suffers from a decline in the performance of agriculture, industry and trade sectors, this deterioration in those sectors caused by a lack of departments, which took responsibility on according to the quota system in the distribution of top positions in the state experience, what helped flooding the market shoddy products imported which drains hard currency .olajl revive all economic sectors, each according to their respective fields to be resorting to partnerships option either with States or efficient companies and well-known for its success in order to be recovered bad situation of the Iraqi economy for the better and to stop the successive losses suffered by this sectors.

And start again from where he arrived the others in order to make up for the time and effort required quickly, "the largest and effectively.

The most important required partnerships is the partnership in the energy sector and we have an opportunity and the task of holding them in the oil, gas and electricity with Russia and Iran nearby geographic areas and achieved successes remarkable exceeded self-sufficiency and become of the leading exporters oil and gas in the world and this partnership will result in the formation of a global and competitive market for the sale of oil and gas.