Required to build an effective economic strategy

8/8/2015 0:00

Dr. Ahmed al-Rawi: large budget allocations are inadequate to solve the problems
of Baghdad - Imad emirate
said d. Ahmed Omar al-Rawi, an economist at Mustansiriya Center for Arab and International Studies, said that building an effective economic strategy in Iraq under the dominance of the oil sector on the overall sectors, requires two conditions first understand the current economic reality, any understanding of the dynamics of the rentier economy of Iraq, and the second provides the political will to abide by the objectives of the the future strategy of the state
and pointed out that in the absence of these conditions it becomes to talk about economic development through which address the problems and suffocation is the glory, and the situation remains as it is, despite the large financial allocations earmarked in the budgets of the government,
and pointed out that the facts confirm blurred visions and perceptions about understanding and knowledge of reality and what needed to change this fact, the economic strategy, what outlook continues to pay attention to increase the potential production of crude oil is to increase the revenue accruing to fill the general state expenses without paying attention to how to invest these revenues to achieve development.
attention to the economic
narrator also said before drawing any strategy must that there is a clear perception about the philosophy and approach to be the management of the economy in the constitutional reference, due to the lack of clarity of this philosophy in the Iraqi constitution of 2005, which it requires amending the Constitution to be a reference to clear perception philosophical to manage economic activity, that this philosophy is consistent with society and culture conditions which marched them to understand how to manage economic activity under the rent-oil realized that this economic philosophy liberation from the domination of the state over the entire economic life, and by amending Article 25 of the Constitution to clearly indicate to the state's commitment to developing its economy on the basis of It pursues a modern decentralized planning to invest economic resources., with work to encourage and support the private sector to participate actively in economic activity.
reform of the annual budgets
and stressed d. Rawi need to restructure government support in the general budget and gradually shift a consumption support to production support, through the allocation ratios largest public investment projects, and the reduction of the salaries of special categories of employees and officials of the State which has become a large proportion of the annual budget allocations while working to encourage savings For this segment to finance the budget deficit by issuing treasury transfers and the issuance of government bonds, the benefits of encouraging, and must rely in the preparation of annual budgets on annual growth base.
economic growth programs and continued that success process in achieving growth are transforming needs and goals into basing prepared to coordinate programs between different levels (the center, the regions, provinces), where the broad participation in the formulation of development programs contribute to their success in order to avoid overlap and intersection between those levels in the preparation and execution, and return to the direct support of the sectors of goods and services through the stage the next five years until the re-activity of those sectors with work to encourage the private sector to participate actively in these sectors and work the controls that help to reduce the dumping operation to protect the domestic production of goods and services, particularly in the agricultural and industrial area.

Supporting the private sector and stressed d. The narrator, on the need to update the laws and regulations that encourage the participation of local and foreign private sector to achieve effective participation in economic activity and a culture system that the state is not a substitute for the private sector in economic and social activity as much as the state-oriented and supportive be, not an incubator, the private sector has the ability to lead Economic activity and that vision accurate and fast in the field of economic growth.