Najaf Power Plant corruption Billions 8/7
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Thread: Najaf Power Plant corruption Billions 8/7

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    Najaf Power Plant corruption Billions 8/7

    Sponsored by Al-fahdawi. Large financial corruption in power plants of Najaf and Basra billions!

    Official sources revealed a financial corruption in power plants walkrnh in Najaf, Al-haidariya Basra, saying that corruption cost the States substantial financial losses estimated at billions of dollars.

    The sources said that the MoE disbursed all the sums of haidariya power station contractor in Najaf before achievement, "Noting that" the electricity Minister Qassim Al-fahdawi is the opening of the station without completing a large number of important units ".

    "Al-fahadawi was not brought off the station after the end of the opening ceremony for the incompleteness of the large number of modules needed by the plant.

    The sources noted that required not to disclose her name to "alkarina-sight electrical works the first two cards (400 in the second b (132 in), pointing out that" Minister Al-fahadawi refused to order the cancellation of the first line after running for incomplete ", stating that" the line spent large amounts for executing company. "

    Iraq is suffering a severe shortage of processing power, especially in the summer, which led to popular protests in Baghdad and the southern provinces to demand the provision of services and the fight against corruption and corrupt accounting. n%3Dview%26id%3D7214
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