Maliki: the government in front of a golden opportunity to hit spoilers financially and politically

Twilight News / praised the Vice President and the leader of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki on Friday the positions of top Shi'ite cleric calling for the fight against corruption, saying that the government in front of a golden opportunity to hit spoilers financially and politically.

Maliki said in a statement on behalf of the coalition responded to Twilight News, that "the positions of good reference supporting the political process and the recent directives of the government and political forces are golden valuable opportunity to fix bugs in the political process paths are making it much closer to the pulse of the Iraqi street, the owner of fundamental interest and the first in a change for the the present and the future promising the Iraqi people. "

And provide al-Maliki to "Thanks for the reference to the wise positions usual," and urged "the government and the Prime Minister to expedite the correct conditions and hit the spoilers financially and politically."

He also called on "all Acharkaouaelloukov sincerity and seriousness by side the government and the president in his quest to achieve these goals, which has become an urgent response and the possibility exists to achieve in light of the great support that has been achieved."

He called top Shi'ite cleric Ali al-Sistani in Iraq, Prime Minister al-Abadi to take remedial steps more "daring and courage" and beaten with an iron fist all those involved in corruption.

He said that the religious authority, al-Abadi move forward in this way will ensure his support and the support of the population.

The call reference in conjunction with the escalation of popular protests against poor services and corruption across the country.

Abadi said the "full commitment to the guidance value Supreme religious authority, which expressed concerns and aspirations of the Iraqi people."

The prime minister also pledged to announce a comprehensive plan of reform and work to implement them, calling on the political forces to cooperate with him in the implementation of the reform program.