Interior calls for demonstrators not to carry weapons and maintain the property

Twilight News / Ministry of the Interior called on Friday the demonstrators not to carry weapons and machinery of prey and sticks to the inside of the selected area of ​​the demonstration.

And the right to demonstrate is guaranteed under Article 38 of the Constitution which stipulates that the state guarantees the right to demonstrate without prejudice to public order and morality and freedom of assembly and peaceful demonstration.

The ministry stressed in a statement "the need to obtain regulatory approvals for any demonstration through the official channels for being concerned to issue approvals for demonstrations to publicize the reasons for and purpose of the demonstration and those responsible for them, specifying the time and place the security services in order to be able to secure the demonstrations."

She added that "many orders that reached us earlier from different directions to obtain the approval has been licensed by us, and it must obtain approval before sign demonstration in order to fully secure it and maintain the security plan."

He pointed out that "the issue of instructions to the demonstrators exists in all democratic countries."

The ministry called on demonstrators to "prevent the carrying of weapons and machinery of prey and sticks to the inside of the selected area of ​​the demonstration, and work to comply with important events in order to miss the opportunity of trying to use the protests to carry out acts of sabotage or a terrorist."

The ministry stressed the "need everyone's cooperation with the security services and the reporting of any situation or someone trying to abuse of protests and raises dissension and problems, and the preservation of public property and public money and lack of exposure to them because they belong to the Iraqi people", stressing that "the offender will be subjected to legal accountability."