Eight demands of the demonstrators to fight corruption and make the corrupt to justice

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - With awaiting the Iraqi street demonstrations Magdy Rady scheduled to start on Friday with effect from six in the evening, and until ten at night in Baghdad and across the provinces, summed up the organizers and coordinators of the demonstrations of their demands in eight points through a statement reported by their positions Electronic stating "We demonstrators in Tahrir Square, and with us millions in the provinces of Iraq, who share our pain, we announce our demands which summed up as follows:

First, the formation of a permanent body to collect files of corruption since 2003 until today and present it to eliminate and granting employees of this body and its collaborators protection of politicians pressures and blocs .

The second demand "activation of prosecutorial device as a representative of the people's rights and the protection of the judiciary under pressure from politicians."

Third requirement, "revealed receivables officials since 2003 to today, accounts of their relatives to the second degree and investigate the sources of these resources."

The fourth requirement is represented by "the formation of an independent Integrity Commission a joint committee with civil society organizations and civilian activists at home and abroad in order to monitor and detect the diversion of funds, private equity and politicians gather information and verify the sources of funds, in order to preserve public money."

The statement continued, that "the requirement V is take over the prime minister personally responsible for the electricity file management starting on Saturday, 08.08.2015 addition to his job, to put urgent solutions bear is solely their responsibility", pointing out that

"demand VI is" the dimensions of the judiciary and the Integrity Commission The Electoral Commission of sectarian and national quotas and cleared of all affiliated with the political blocs and the prosecution of all revolve around suspicions of corruption and the abolition of the Commission on balance, which is the basis for the approach of quotas. "

The requirement seventh includes "ministers pledged to service ministries in public and in front of the audience to work hard to provide services as soon as possible" and VIII "Work laws issued to reduce the three presidencies and special grades salaries .. not to new legislation this subject, and this constitutional violation in addition to the inclusion of members of the National Assembly and the Governing Council Unified Retirement Law in order to preserve justice and public money. " Ended O.h