Taxes on the poor and the gains for the rich

In any gathering of people talking overwhelming them and Atdalouna aloud taxes wave or the fact that the typhoon reached the first Mujath to their pockets and emptied the remainder.

In fact, the principles of social justice governs their existence in any society through tax policy, to impose any social groups, a way to restore the balance between income as well. The government received the brunt of the crisis lies with people of low income and poor aaA, sales tax has been imposed on Kartat mobile, One may say that it is not necessary and can be dispensed with, which in fact has become more of a necessity after the lights go landline heat, the tax does not include people with the higher grades who pay their phone bill departments where they work under the pretext that all their contacts for their work.

Not only that, the tax will drag a lot of basic commodities, which desperately needed the poor and middle classes.

The government is trying to collect the food tax, without taking into account the living conditions of citizens and high prices that hits the markets, unemployment and stop the appointments, and the one that imposed high rates until now arrived at the most important commodities consumed in abundance by 25% as is the case with cooking gas and 20% on the card mobile.

Specialists said that some of the goods will increase 020% in an unprecedented move in the history of the previous governments and thus will lead to further impoverishment of social groups and the deprivation of other categories of economic advancement and skipped past of Oz, and even damage to the welfare of others.

Everyone looks to contribute in overcoming the economic crisis, but each according to his ability and the size of his income and carry bloated categories economically the brunt, not equality of arithmetic unjust.

And as people are looking to social justice and bear what is possible to see the importance of research in ways that maximize state resources through corruption and stop the looting of public resources and retrieval of public money who fled abroad without providing service interview.

If the government wanted to provide financial revenue to cover the deficit to research in its previous resolutions and close your eye with him, they are distributed drugs worth billions in exchange for token amounts, and Atkhmt state functions unnecessary and can perform its duties a small number of staff, also gave them a huge drain on state resources allocations, as well as their children are living outside the country and are paid salaries of Iraqi embassies, claiming the work