Government Wasit directorates required to implement the transfer of powers law


Follow-up - and babysit - committed local government and Wasit, Thursday, conservative circles covered by the law of the disengagement to work with, threatening to hold accountable violators circles managers in its application and the legal exposure of the issue.
The head of the Wasit Provincial Council during a press conference held in the Wasit Provincial Council in the presence of the executive and legislative authorities and directors of departments covered by it, "said Wasit considered August 6 official Day of the province so as to shift who issued pursuant to connect circuits law governorates, directly under the law of 21 average for the year 2008."

He added that "The Council committed executive bodies and departments concerned to comply with the transfer of powers and administrative and financial functions together from today (06/08/2015), and work on the development of financial circle in the province are fundamentalist administratively linked to the Governor and holds the general budget of the province, organized in cooperation with the relevant departments, as well as to the supervision and control of all departments in the province. "

He pointed out that "the province of Wasit need a lot of work and reform ministries ugly and huge projects reluctant routine succeeded by very large reflected negatively on the situation of services in the province, adding that" circles covered are (of Municipalities and Public Works, Construction and Housing and Alamaml social, education and health affairs, in addition to planning and Agriculture and Finance, Youth and Sports).