Parliamentary Economy: discuss recent amendments to the investment law and voting upon soon

Date: 08/06/2015 17:03

Information / Baghdad / ..
stressed the economic and investment commission member of the parliamentary proof Mamouri, Thursday, that the committee discussed with the National Investment Commission and the heads of investment managers in ministries and state institutions all the latest amendments to the investment law, which the Commission intends to put to the House of Representatives for a vote soon.

He said Mamouri In a statement the agency / information / received a copy of it, "it was today, all new amendments discuss the investment law with representatives of ministries and taking their proposals on the problems they faced in the old investment law," adding that "the Commission is eager to browning new investment law is capable of attract capital and create new job opportunities. "

He added that he "can not be the country continue relying on Rei, one to finance the general budget, which the oil source," stressing "the importance of diversifying sources of income to supplement the general budget of the country."

He continued Mamouri, "it was agreed to hold other meetings ahead of the vote on the new law to provide an opportunity for everyone to install their observations once and for all ".anthy / 25 g