Old disclosure decision between Iraq and Turkey allows them to hit the sites "PKK"

Special scales News - Chairman of the parliamentary block change Hoshyar Abdullah, Thursday, for the existence of an agreement between the Old Government of Iraq and Turkey allows them to hit PKK positions "PKK" revealed.

Abdullah said L / scales News /, that "the exploitation of Turkey and violating Iraqi airspace Old result of an agreement between the Governments of Iraq and Turkey allows it to prosecute" PKK "The PKK has hit its positions in northern parts of Kurdistan."
He added, "we are serious and we are trying to stop the work of the decision has been agreed upon at the time of the previous governments."

And he revealed the leadership of the Kurdistan Alliance Mahma Khalil, of the existence of "raging" war between Turkey and the PKK in northern areas of the region, pointing out that we do not have the possibilities to cope with a country like Turkey.

He told the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), on Thursday, a delegation from the Turkish Foreign Ministry the need to stop the bombing PKK positions in the immediate areas of the Kurdistan region, as called for solving the problems between the two sides through dialogue.

In what was considered a violation of the Iraqi Council of Ministers Turkey to Iraq's sovereignty serious escalation in Almntqh.anthy / 29 / d 24