Council Babylon announces receipt of applications demonstrators and confirms that the most "realistic"

The President of the Council of the province of Babylon Haider Wasp, Thursday, demonstrators received requests to examine them as "a detailed form," and explained that while the Council will hold an extraordinary session in the presence of representatives of the demonstration to discuss the applications, said that the most "realistic" and could be resolved.

Wasp said in an interview with news agency today, that he had received "requests for protesters to be studied in detail to get to the results serve the citizens," noting that "some of the requests for the province and some others regard to the central government."

Wasp "The Council will hold an extraordinary session in the presence of the executive, legislative and local government and the directors of departments and representatives of the demonstration together to discuss the applications," asserting that "most of the requests are realistic and can be solved."

Wasp and continued that "with regard to the central government requests, we will be lifted her to be consolidated and determine the opinion of the government."

For his part, one of the organizers of the demonstration, said in an interview with Alsumaria News's, "will be our major demonstration on Friday," but he also said "our demands are clear, including cancellation of sectarian quotas and the adoption of the change to all executive departments and resolve of the provincial council and re-election of a new board according to the electoral system fair depends professional ".

The hundreds demonstrated, Sunday (August 2, 2015), in front of the province of Babylon building to demand the government to improve services and not to "delay" the people's demands.