Municipalities Salahuddin critical of the financial allocations for withholding the province and calls for launch

Author: AM, HH
Editor: HH, NS

6/8/2015 eleven ten a.m.

Long-Presse / Salahuddin
Municipalities criticized the Salahuddin province, the Department, on Thursday, the Ministry of Finance for withholding allocations required by the budget allocated to the province, as pointed out employees' salaries stopped and Exchange amounts of fuel processing, the ministry demanded the those customizations.

The municipal director of high-Zidane in an interview with the (long-Presse), said that "Salahuddin Municipality management was surprised by the decision of withholding financial allocations for the municipal sector through the budget allocated to the province," stressing "the existence of payable dues to workers of service and remuneration mechanisms."

He added Zidane, that "the monthly grant and staff salaries stopped and even amounts of fuel processing exchange," and urged "the Ministry of Finance launched a conservative allocations for the sector Municipal in 2014 and 2015, especially since the city of Tikrit been edited since last April and work is continuing for the return of life."

The security forces were able in the first of April 2015, liberalization of Tikrit city from the control of the organization (Daash) after about a month of the start of a wide process lasted for one month, while still Baiji spend, north of Tikrit, testifies Carr battles provided between the security forces and elements of the organization (Daash), which controls the majority of the areas of the judiciary.