Iraq starting 2nd phase Ramadi process 8/6
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Thread: Iraq starting 2nd phase Ramadi process 8/6

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    Iraq starting 2nd phase Ramadi process 8/6

    Restoration of gray grip Daash process enters its second phase

    Iraqi security forces embarked on the implementation of the second phase of the liberalization of the country west of the gunmen seized control of the organization of the Islamic state Daash city of Ramadi process. The Baghdad government has announced the start of large-scale operation to restore the cities of Anbar in July 17 last.

    Local sources reported Thursday that the army troops, backed factions popular crowd and volunteers tribes in the province, most of the roads militants Daash supply cut off, and cordoned off the gray of the three axes.

    Political adviser to the governor of Anbar Hikmat Suleiman announced that the second phase of the liberalization process was launched from South axes and East, North and South of the province, stressing that the security forces engaged in heavy fighting in the heart of the city of Ramadi.

    And resulted in the first phase of the restoration of the cities of Anbar for the restoration of Iraqi forces to many of the areas that were under the control of Daash, which defenses collapsed process in the province, according to Solomon he said in connection with "Radio Sawa".

    Dilemma of the displaced

    On the humanitarian level, the Higher Committee for Relief and decided to house the displaced, the allocation of 500 housing units of mobile Turkish grant to the province of Anbar, along with the establishment of a camp for the displaced in terms of al-Baghdadi, west of the province.

    The local government announced its part, the return of dozens of displaced families to their areas in the district of the vine east of Ramadi.

    And increasingly displaced Iraqis crisis with growing numbers in light of the widening battles waged by government forces and the popular crowd and fighters of the Sunni tribes against Daash in the northern and western provinces of the country circle.

    More details in the report, "the correspondent Radio Sawa" in Baghdad, Alaa Hassan:
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