Corruption again

8/6/2015 0:00

Mohammed Jubair

restored popular demonstrations vast placed financial corruption in state institutions to the forefront of without having an official cover or partisan or factional Although the Government Abadi program stressed on rooting out corruption, which is endemic in the body and structure of formal institutions.

There have been years of change that ago to provide official senior state officials to the Iraqi judiciary on charges of administrative corruption or financial and convicted of those charges or got punished, and corruption was not consulted in those ministries, and if you raised the issue of corruption against the Minister or a particular official undertook political bloc to defend him and promised it politically Tsagita of such personal information.

Fighting Corruption in government departments will not be the traditional way after that they grew and became his political mafias behind it, but you must change the vision and perceptions and methods of public administration in the country as a whole and that we leave the mentality of partisanship in the protection of corrupt and that the slogan "The law is above all" is not a slogan for consumption, but the reality is applied the administrator before the citizen not charge be exempt from that application on the citizen only.

If the popular demonstrations had been launched because of the deteriorating electricity services and depriving citizens of the most basic services that they deserve after more than a decade of change, the observer of political affairs in Iraq realizes that this the problem that I want her to be insurmountable for a solution and its social, psychological, economic dimensions and even political, it is not a service demanded by the citizens only, but is far beyond that, the more aware of the dimensions of this problem citizen afternoon because of a lot of interests, laboratories and industrial workshops civil stopped working or find their business as a result of power cuts for long hours, there are industrial workshops civil can not generators where that serve as electricity services and these workshops attract a lot of manpower, which in turn eases the burden on the state in search of jobs for workers in these workshops.

The halt in a lot of those economic interests reflected negatively on the social relations within the family or community what pays to do acts outside the law, raise trouble for members of the society and the government at the same time, away from these things appeared Iraqi citizen and is demanding the right of his rights civilized level in the practice of pretending that is right of his rights and respect this right and practiced Pthoudr and brought the voice of the government, which I thanked him and said its president, Dr. spokesman Haider al-Abadi said the demonstrations "alarm bell" It really is as well as the patience of the citizen has its limits. And widened the demonstrations to spread to other provinces is the capital, Baghdad, and is awaiting urgent solutions and actions and will expand and multiple demands of citizens if the government did not find convincing solutions to those problems suffered by the Iraqi citizen.