Iraqi indicators rise in the last session

August 5, 2015 14:59

Direct: Close the general index of the Iraqi market for securities "ISX60" on the rise at the end of trading on Wednesday by 1.87%.

ISX60 and ended trading today on the rise of 1.87% close at 902.82 points compared to 886.21 points at the end of trading Tuesday.

Liquidity today recorded about 5.4 billion dinars and was almost dealt to 8.856 billion shares and the number of transactions amounted to 579 transactions.

It was trading on the shares of 44 companies out of 98 listed companies, 29 shares rose and fell 6 shares.

And occupied "the Bank of Babylon" share the top of the list of the highest altitudes on the Iraqi stock exchange, a growth of almost 10%, while finished "metal and motorcycles" share the top of a decline of declines at the close of around 9.72%.