Council of Basra demanding to stop the implementation of the tariff law until amended and vowed to Kurdistan to abide by

Alsumaria News / Basra - Announced the Basra Governorate Council , Wednesday, that the land and sea border crossings was hit within the last few days an almost complete paralysis and decreased revenues to its lowest level as a result of application of the new tariff law, with the federal government and the House of Representatives called on to stop the implementation of the law until amended and vowed province of Kurdistan to abide by .

The head of the provincial council Sabah Hassan Albzona during a joint press conference with a number of members of the Council, and attended by Alsumaria News, "The Council demands to postpone the application of the tariff law because it caused the beginning of the application of significant economic problems of Basra, has doubled the suffering of the citizens as a result of high prices, receded through border ports of import operations to the lowest level, "noting that" the law when applied must be effective in all border crossing points, but we got the unconfirmed reports that within the Kurdistan region border crossings did not comply with the law information. "

Albzona and pointed out that "border crossings revenues declined in an unprecedented way after the increase in tariff under the reluctance of most traders pass the goods imported through in the province of border crossings, so did not review the Shalamcheh port with neighboring Iran, any dealer four days ago," adding that "There are clear attempts to target Basra and undermine the economic position, otherwise how can we explain the adoption of Arar port with Saudi Arabia as an alternative to Trebil after he was selected initially on the port Safwan with Kuwait to be the alternative, as it is not appropriate to provide discounts and exemption goods some countries (in reference to Jordan) from taxes and customs duties, with the juxtaposition of Basra three countries not covered all tax and customs exemptions. "

The head of the provincial council, a leader of the coalition of state law that "the Council has formed a committee cast it upon themselves to go to Baghdad to negotiate with the federal government on tariff law," adding that "the provincial council will be stronger when conducting the process of transfer of powers from some of the ministries under provincial law No. 21 of 2008 amended, and therefore the Council may resort to issue binding and decisive decisions in the absence of the Federal Government's cooperation. "

For his part, Chairman of the Committee of border crossings in the provincial council Morteza cream lipodeca said during the conference, said that "the land and sea border crossings income (ports) in Basra eased in an unprecedented way, where he achieved the port Safwan border land only with Kuwait revenues worth one billion and 190 million dinars Day last Thursday, and achieved last Friday billion and 52 million dinars, but what that tariff law came into force with effect from last Saturday until port revenues declined during the past four days to 23 million dinars only, "explaining that" Shalamcheh port with neighboring Iran achieved revenue of $ 82 million on Thursday, and at least 14 million dinars on Friday, when applying the law and stop the port from work and revenues fell to zero during the last four days. "

Lipodeca who belongs to the Badr bloc stressed that "too commercial ports have been adversely affected by increasing tariffs, for example, has made the port of Umm northern palace last Thursday revenues of two billion and 383 million dinars worth, while reaching the port of Umm Southern Palace four billion and 790 million dinars, but since The new application of the law, the whole commercial ports semi-Off and revenues are negligible, "adding that" the provincial council does not demand more than wait in the application of the law until the exemption of food and construction of tariffs, and ensure the application of the law in all border crossing points, without exception, so as not to Traders flee to other outlets do not adhere to the application of the law. "

The Basra is the beating heart of the Iraqi economy, it has five active commercial ports, the oldest port near the stronghold of the city center, and the largest port of Umm Qasr, which was Shatrah in 2010 to two ports, one north and one south, also has to maintain the implementers border crossings onshore, Safwan port with Kuwait, and port Shalamjah with Iran, as the local government is trying since the middle of this year for the opening of territorial access another from Iran.