Minister of Commerce announces the launch of a new batch of dues and farmers marketers to harvest wheat
Date: 08/05/2015 14:50

Commerce Minister Engineer Muhammad Abdul Karim Mlas announced the launch of a new batch of peasants and farmers dues for the years 2014- 2015 marketers to harvest wheat in all the provinces of the country
Abdul Karim said in a statement received by the agency / information / copy of it, "have got approvals to launch the second installment of dues to farmers harvest wheat for the current year in addition to the releases new batch of entitlements for farmers in 2014".
He added that "authorized the General Company for Grain Trade to take administrative and financial procedures and the appointment of authorized to receive notices and the formation of sub-committees and a major mission to facilitate the task of peasants and farmers to get financial benefits."
Abdul Karim pointed out that "The ministry has carried out several correspondences with the Ministry of Finance to launch a financial dues in line with the Government's support for farmers and Iraqi farmers to improve agricultural reality and rely on the national product, which has become a priority for the Ministry's work in the coming period.
He called on the Minister of Commerce all peasants and farmers who names of marketers appeared to "review the branches of the General Company for Grain Trade for the purpose of receiving their dues in accordance with legal regulations," .anthy / 25 h