Reconstruction of Kobani Underway
Some neighbourhoods will remain untouched, as public memorial

Basnews | Herman Khalid views 05.08.2015 14:07

KOBANI – The administration of Kobani has started reconstructing the city and providing public services for returned residents.

Deputy Head of Kobani Canton Khaleed Barkal announced that 1,300 houses will be rebuilt in the first phase.

Barkal revealed that the city administration is now providing water and electricity for over 70% of the residents.

“We are planning to make some neighbourhoods a public memorial to show the tragedy and its aftermath to the world,” he added.

Barkal said that the streets of Kobani will be named after martyrs, to honour those who sacrificed their lives for their people.

Kobani, on the Syrian-Turkish border in northern Syria, was attacked by Islamic State (IS) on 13th September 2014. Kurdish forces, eventually backed by international coalition airstrikes and the Peshmerga from Iraqi Kurdistan, defended the city. After over 130 days of resistance, the jihadists were forced out of the city.

As a result of the siege, hundreds of the civilians were killed and thousands displaced.