Parliamentary Services: There are no contracts for the disbursement of dues operating budget

Since 08.05.2015 at 13:30 (GMT Baghdad)

Special-scales News
A member of the parliamentary committee services Beeston fair, Wednesday, the lack of an operational budget for the disbursement of contracts dues, explaining that dispense contract employees work befuddled service ministries.

Said Adel L / scales News /, that "some ministries dispensed contract employees bulge to the lack of financial liquidity and operational budget for the disbursement of overdue dues for months, noting that" five thousand employees and workers were waiting for the government's decision them confirmation on the permanent staffing, but they surprised termination of their contracts and dispensing them. "

He said a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy, said that "the majority of staff and contract workers employed in the service ministries and laid off befuddled the work of those ministries, called on the government to have a serious attitude install contracts and exchange their dues in arrears for several months."

The large number of staff and workers who work contracts and daily wage organize frequent demonstrations to demand them confirmation on the permanent staffing ".anthy 29/28