Parliamentary Economic Committee: prepare the final draft of the investment law

August 5, 2015 14:42

(Independent) .. Economic Commission parliamentary ended, the preparation of the final draft of the investment law.

Committee Chairman MP Jawad al-Bolani, after the committee meeting on Wednesday, that the committee wanted to engage in investment circles ministries and agencies for their opinions and needs in amending the law.

Bolani stressed the importance of the new amendments in the bill, which will be the focal column of the Iraqi economy for the next stage, which must be built according to rely on solid foundations of a market economy.

He stressed Bolani the need for the public sector a significant role in supporting and maximizing the resources of state resources from economic and financial point of view, and not rely on the state budget in allocations and look for ways to get the financial resources, also stressed the role of the private sector in economic development. (End)