Parliamentary economy calls for the use of solid global companies to develop specialized laboratory productivity

05/08/2015 twelve twenty-five

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} met with Chairman of the economic and investment commission in Parliament MP Jawad al-Bolani in the Commission's headquarters with a delegation from the cement plant in Babil province to discuss the coordination of the legislative and executive branches of government efforts to support the national industrial sector through activation of product protection and consumer protection laws, calling for the use of global companies sober specialist the development of laboratory productivity.

Bolani said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that "the construction industry, especially cement initiated by Iraq early fifties of the last century, and this is what makes us obliged to maintain this industrial heritage, which was then one of the main pillars of the economy and work to develop it on an ongoing basis."

He called for "use of global companies sober specialized development of laboratory productivity and updated to keep pace with global developments, and this is what makes them more competitive in the domestic market, and even the world," adding that "the contribution of national our labs in bridging the need markets of cement will increase the financial returns and maintain hard currency that can be exploited in other industrial investments. "

The statement said that "the delegation accept his part, the most important obstacles facing his company and especially high Akiem fuel, electric power and not to institutions, ministries, the commitment of the Council of Ministers instructions for dealing with the products and the Ministry of Industry companies, especially since these products holds a certificate international quality and matching local and international standards ".anthy