Kurdistan declares export more than 16 million barrels in July

Author: HA, HH, RA
Editor: HA, HH 5.8.

2015 twelve forty-five

Long-Presse / Sulaymaniyah
The Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Wednesday, for the export of more than 16 million barrels during the month of July, at a rate of 516 thousand and 745 barrels oil per day, while confirming that the cessation of flow through Ceyhan case without supplying two million barrels SOMO.

The ministry said in a statement seen (range Press) it, "The Kurdistan Regional Government issued in the month of July, 16 million and 19 thousand and 90 barrels of oil at a rate of 516 thousand and 745 barrels of oil a day."

The statement added that "12 million and 20 thousand and 486 barrels of oil from those fields have been exported for the benefit of the Kurdistan region, as has been the export of 998 thousand and 407 oil drums in favor of the North Oil Company," noting that "oil exported from the Kurdistan region, have been exported through the Turkish port of Ceyhan" .

The statement pointed out that "the Kurdistan Regional Government issued 2,000,201 thousand and 540 barrels of oil for the benefit of the Iraqi oil marketing company SOMO," pointing out that "it is scheduled to give two million barrels others for the company, but to stop the oil if the flow without it."

The Kurdistan Regional Government, announced Tsdriha during the month of June, 17 million and 130 thousand and 639 barrels of crude oil, an average of 571 thousand and 21 barrels per day, over Kurdistan oil pipeline to the Turkish port of Ceyhan, and thus be exported in July less than in June of one million barrels oil.

The Ministry of Oil, announced the first Saturday of August 2015, the export of more than 96 million barrels during the month of July, revenues nearly five billion dollars, and pointed out that the South exports hit record levels during the past month, while confirming that it would have levels "unprecedented "If committed to the Kurdistan region to export the agreed quantities.