Achievement lend to small and medium enterprises plan

5/8/2015 0:00

Rolla good: 24 banks are preparing to launch

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb - Shokran Fatlawi

represents activation of guaranteed bank loans one important topics for the development of small and medium enterprises, the Iraqi company and went to guarantees banking guarantee the loans after the economic feasibility study contributes to find real projects on the ground, especially There are successful have experience in this area where secured loans to thousands of projects over the past years, at a time are ready to stage lending and wide after the allocation of central bank trillion dinars for projects of this type of project.

Managing Director of the company bank guarantees Rolla Saleh confirmed that the company and in cooperation with private banks prepared a court plan to loans trillion dinars allocated by the Iraqi Central Bank to small enterprises and ceiling lending to exceed 50 million dinars, pointing out that banks will adopt the lending process is obliged to bring it back to the Central Bank within the specified period, which includes lending to court a mechanism for channeling funds appropriate for the course.

She noted that the The company will work to ensure the loans in accordance with the stomach for that matter the conditions and after the economic feasibility study, asserting that the mechanism to get a sponsor guarantor of the loan witnessed facilitate some procedures and become a non-specific staff member government exclusively, but can accept ensure employee at a respectable civil companies with a good reputation, confirmed that the company take into account the proportion of the loss of some non-performing loans.

Saleh said that 24 banks waged Iraqis and Arabs have expressed their willingness to participate in the lending process, indicating that a number of banks, now has the governor to lend to small and medium enterprises separate from the credit departments, indicating that the Middle East Bank of the first banks adopted this subject as we are working in collaboration with the same bank to adopt start-ups and young project, which includes lending to young people in the study phase of a sum of money for the purpose of investing in a particular project.

They pointed to the importance of the adoption of programs to attract depositors and employ huge money chunky in homes development projects check beneficial for depositors The bank and be an important part of the process of economic development, referring to the importance of benefiting from the experiences of neighboring countries in this aspect, which is working to organize withdrawn from weekly progress Jawaizmdzeh to depositors and this is a way to attract capital to the private banks as well as the presence of a guarantor legislation for deposits in private banks.

Saleh put a on the experiences of some companies in the region, including Lebanon experience, which owns bails company is a joint Lebanese financial public utility works to help small and medium-sized enterprises in Lebanon to obtain bank financing.

Guarantees for small and medium-sized enterprises company help Size by granting guarantees to bank loans Binaaly studies feasibility and action plans advanced from loan applicants to demonstrate the sustainability of economic activity, which is a loan application axis.

She noted that the company is studying the advanced loan applications through operating banks in Lebanon to the decision to grant bail or not to grant heading guarantees its programs company to small and medium-sized enterprises that operate in one economic sectors such as industry, agriculture or tourism, as well as craft production, said Saleh guaranteed loans benefit by bailouts companies to reduce Alfoaidalleha financial support, it has been the establishment of this support program to reduce the financial burden on small and medium-sized enterprises that borrow in order to finance its activities by the Lebanese Finance Ministry to pay This support management of the Lebanese Central Bank.

As for the experience of Tunisia indicated that they company specializing in the management of security mechanisms established under an agreement entered into with the Ministry of Finance set the conditions and methods of the various mechanisms interference by maintaining a guarantee privacy in terms of the independence of resources and terms of intervention, an institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance and open as it contributes to the state within the limits of its capital 37 percent and banks within the limits of 63 percent and are managed by the Board of Directors.