Council Basra recommend contracted with a consulting firm to face water crisis

Alsumaria News / Basra
Issued Basra Governorate Council during a special meeting held on Monday, recommendation that contracted with a company specializing in water resources sector to supplement the local government with counseling on how to cope with the salinity of water scarcity crisis in the province, also decided to adopt a short-term plan to reduce the phenomenon of water salinity. He said the provincial council member Ali Shaddad Al Fares in an interview with Alsumaria's News, "The extraordinary session of the Council held at its headquarters focused on the developments of the salinity of water scarcity crisis and ways to get rid of them," noting that "the Council recommended during the meeting to contract with a consulting firm specializing in the water resources sector, It also decided to adopt two plans to tackle the crisis and address, the first plan to be phased short-term, and the second is a long-term integrated strategic plan. "
He pointed Knight that "the strategic plan will hopefully include the construction of a dam or more on the Shatt al-Arab to prevent the Gulf waters flow severe salinity in the course of the coast, as well as the use of a huge pipe in fresh water transport instead transported by open channels," adding that "interim plan or temporary include the implementation of urgent projects include the establishment of new plants for water and rehabilitation of old plants with funding from the provincial council. "

He pointed Knight that "salinity and water scarcity crisis caused over the past few years, suffering a major humanitarian and environmental severely damaged, so the local government is determined to find radical solutions to this crisis," adding that "previous governments spent over the past years large sums on projects concerning the sector water resources, including the establishment of desalination plants projects, but these projects was accompanied by corruption, a large proportion of them, and thus were not useful. "

It is said that Basra exposed since 2007 to a severe shortage of fresh water because of a natural phenomenon was considered rare, and provides tongue saline (front saline) coming from the Gulf in the Shatt al-Arab as a result of the lack of inflows from the Tigris and Euphrates water revenue, and usually reach through summer rate concentrations salt dissolved in water Shat who told him most of the agricultural land in the province and equip it a lot of residential areas to more than 4000 ppm near the center of the province, while supposed to irrigation water salinity of not more than 2,500 ppm, and the low water Salinity hyphen through channel innovation are inadequate to meet the needs of the population, so it is mixed with water pumped by the Shatt al-Arab to residential areas.

The districts of FAO and dad Fertile (south) Shatt al-Arab (east) areas most affected by this phenomenon, where the population is suffering a lot from the salinity of the water, and dried up the dozens of lakes, fish farming, and died a lot of farm animals, as declining palm of dates production, Most of the orchards and henna perished, so wounded agricultural actually almost completely paralyzed, but the agricultural activities in the desert cutter from the province were not damaged as a result of this phenomenon, because the farms located in the district of Zubair irrigation depends on ground water, according to observers.