Dhi Qar : We have 60 thousand unemployed non-beneficiaries of the project loans

Alsumaria News / Dhi Qar
Labor Department revealed in Dhi Qar province of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Sunday, the existence of 60 thousand unemployed non-work beneficiaries of loan projects in the province, calling on the government to put a scientific plans and programs to accommodate the numbers of unemployed. Said section Tahir Muslim director of crying in an interview with Alsumaria's News, said that "the number of unemployed registered with the Labour Department in Dhi Qar work of non-beneficiaries of employment opportunities or protection network or project loans subsidies salaries amounted to 60 thousand unemployed", noting that "the total number of unemployed the total registered in cities across the province since 2004 and up to now stood at 200 thousand unemployed. "
He crying, that "unemployment in the province include groups that have no scholarships and academic qualifications primarily, the largest ratio between the number of unemployed in the province, as well as unemployed graduates who are added annually to the numbers of the unemployed because of the absence of government programs to accommodate them and provide them with employment opportunities in public and private sectors ", calling on the government to" put a scientific plans and programs to accommodate those numbers of the unemployed. "

The work of Dhi Qar province, the Ministry of Labor Department announced (September 28, 2014), all stopped in 1091 the treatment of loan for the unemployed within the strategic plan to reduce poverty because of the delayed adoption of the budget, as pointed out that 420 beneficiaries received loans to set up small businesses of the total 700 beneficiaries by the ministry.