Kirkuk Governor Meets US Ambassador to Discuss Future of Province

Karim seeks US investment in Kirkuk.....BAGHDAD – The Kirkuk Governor and the United States Ambassador to Iraq met in Baghdad 3rd August to discuss the current security and economic situations in Kirkuk province. During his visit to Baghdad, Governor Najmaddin Karim met with Ambassador Stuart Jones, and the pair discussed US military support for the Peshmerga and the development of Kirkuk’s economy. Karim briefed the US envoy on the situation in the province, saying that Kirkuk has taken in up to 500,000 refugees and displaced people “while its due budget has not been sent by the central government”. He highlighted Peshmerga sacrifices to protect Kirkuk and its people, and the air support from the international coalition. “The airstrikes have played a crucial role in defending the province against Islamic State (IS) offensives,” Karim said. Karim also requested the US ambassador encourage US companies to invest in different sectors in Kirkuk such as the oil and construction industries.