President says KRG has detailed plan to liberate Sinjar

Barzani Vows to Take Revenge on Islamic State For Yazidi Massacre... DUHOK – The Kurdistan Region President attended a ceremony on Monday 3rd August in Dohuk to mark the first anniversary of the Sinjar massacre by Islamic State (IS). He promised revenge against the terrorists. President Barzani said in a speech at the ceremony that all Kurds sympathise with the Yazidis, and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has a detailed plan to liberate Sinjar. He said that the KRG, in cooperation with the Iraqi Central Government, is looking to make Sinjar a special province as the area has specific characteristics. President Barzani claimed that he is even ready to sacrifice himself to take revenge on IS for the atrocities committed against Kurds. “IS could have posed a serious threat to the world with the modern weaponry they have, but the Peshmerga proved otherwise,” Barzani said. On 3rd August 2014, IS militants attacked the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar, killing hundreds of Yazidis, kidnapping up to 5,000 women and forcing thousands to flee the area.