Araji determines the beginning of September as the date for referral of electricity corruption files to the committee and Integrity

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji , Monday, the identification of the first month of next September as the date for referral of all the files of corruption in the Ministry of Electricity to the Committee on Energy Affairs, the Council of Ministers and the Integrity Commission. He said al-Araji's office in a statement received by Alsumaria News a copy of it, that the last "visited, on Monday evening, the Ministry of Electricity and held a meeting with Minister of Electricity and Secretaries of State and Inspector General, Advanced and staff in the presence of the President of the Commission on Public Integrity Hassan al-Yasiri to discuss the repercussions of the deterioration of the electric power service during the summer and methods of separation processed according to the available resources, in addition to the referral files that hover around suspicions of corruption to the Integrity Commission for investigation. "
The al-Araji, according to the statement, that "the Ministry of Electricity to suffer from suspicions of corruption many since it was founded in 2003 and that we in the Committee on Energy Affairs in the Council of Ministers shall inform the Minister of Electricity and Inspector General in the ministry the need to re-check all files of corruption during a specific timeframe, "referring to that "the date for the referral of those contracts and files to the Committee on Energy Affairs in the Council of Ministers and the Integrity Commission was" the first identification of the month of September. "

Araji said that "the moment is to work very hard time, and the responsibility of all executives responsible for solidarity Anyone who wants to work hard he has to be fida'i and eliminates the deputations and holidays, and for this we informed the Minister of Electricity shut down in order to Secretaries of State and managers two years," noting that it "has been resolved and the formation of map put Committee in order to address the electricity crisis will be announced after the completion of the executive steps to implement it. "

A spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office announced on Monday that the government pursued in response to the demonstrators procedures contributed to a relative improvement in the number of hours of processing power, as he emphasized that some try to block the government's orientation of reform and the fight against corruption.

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, today, that any step toward reform are rejected, noting that those steps is to reduce the salaries of officials and their inclusion machining programmed.

The Ministry of Electricity announced, on Sunday evening, the total power generation amounted to more than 12 thousand MW, the highest number reached by the national grid.