Jubouri: We are working on special legislation crime Sinjar National Guard armory would be a liberation

History of edits:: 2015/8/3 15:09

The President of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, from the work of the parliament on the legislation of a special law offense of Sinjar and the consequent of the tasks entrusted to the executive approaching.
Jubouri said, during his speech on the occasion of the first anniversary of the tragedy of Sinjar, said that "he studied crime Sinjar and attacks on our brothers of the sons of the Yazidi sect is a new approach for each reformers and dedicated and belonging to the human family and who believe in human beings being a human being away from what is thought or thinks or produced".
"We stand with the Yazidis in this moment and we are trying to redress and to express solidarity with them, and we remain the most important is to translate these feelings into action temper the pain that resulted from the massacre and the subsequent psychological and physical effects."
Jubouri said to "work on the issuance of special legislation in this massacre and characterization of historical and legal entitlements and the consequent of the tasks entrusted to the executive approaching", stressing that "Islam is innocent of all what you are trying Daash that the attachment to it of the deeds and actions and crimes, coexistence which embraced Muslims and Yazidis Throughout hundreds of years is the clearest evidence and proof of that. "
"The solution to the problem of Sinjar start of the liberalization of Nineveh as it can not be the cornerstone of the development process put physical, psychological and restoration unless Nfrg all of offsets this strange from our land through collective common cooperate in which all parties to the state and its activities in the security and political dimensions of effort."
He pointed to the need for "the people of Nineveh post themselves in the editing but his leadership with the help of all the other efforts made by the center and the region, and this in turn is subject to the approval of our seriousness in the National Guard who will represent the first arsenal to pounce force that must be made up of the sons of the land law" .