Alabboudh: Baath ban will not pass the law with other laws one basket


It confirmed the MP for the coalition of state law Rehab Alabboudh he "can not pass a law banning the Baath other laws with a basket and one as some would like." She said the "clear opinion in the House of Representatives emphasizes the need for separation of the Baath ban law on accountability and justice, considering that the first permanent law for its existence as a constitutional and due legislation, while the law of accountability, justice and the law of my time ends preclusion need him." She Alabboudh "The Baath politician par excellence law ban and some were seeking to keep him with the law of accountability and justice by jumping on the Constitution in order to be considered temporary and linked to the issue of what ends". She stressed that "we want justice to citizens and pass the Baath solo ban and can not accept the single pass to a basket with a general amnesty and national guard laws for political gain. The House of Representatives ended Thursday, 30 of July past the first reading of the lawmaker ban the Baath Party and entities dissolved parties and racist and terrorist activities Law and expiatory submitted by the committees reconciliation and accountability, justice and security, defense and legal, which is part of the fact that the democratic system in Iraq based on political pluralism and peaceful transfer of power . Article 7 of the Constitution should be legislation attend law under which each entity or program that adopts racism, terrorism or ethnic cleansing or atonement, or incites, facilitates, glorifies or justifies his Baath and its symbols, especially under any name whatsoever.