Calls for cooperation with the shipping company for the adoption of a national carrier and a major
Tuesday 4 August 2015 - 23:57

The head of the Basra Governorate Council Albzona morning, all ministries, departments and officials to the cooperation and support of the General Company for Maritime Transport in the province of Basra, referring to the Council's quest to develop and rely on a major national carrier.

aid Albzona during a press conference after his visit to the company and meeting with its director and a number of officials, "The company has the suffering and need to legislation and the laws of improvement from the reality of their work," referring to Radio tow that "the Government of Basra, after the company's development and solving all the problems faced by would seek to take advantage of the revenue The company not to rely on oil revenues and money only. "

For his part, Director General of the shipping company and the agency Abdul Karim Knhl Ali, Radio tow the President of the Council promised to solve most of the obstacles and problems facing the company, through the provision of the provincial council support in general and the development of cadres of the company in particular to convert flag carrier par excellence.

In the same context, the President of the Union of Entrepreneurs Sabih al-Hashemi stressed through his interview with Radio tow on the need to focus on maritime transport company because of its deep history, and the interest in them have a positive impact on Iraq in general and Basra in particular the economy.