Civilian anti-corruption campaign in Babylon

Hilla - the plumber
was launched in the province of Babylon civilian campaign to combat financial and administrative corruption with the participation of activists civilians and jurists and citizens. General Coordinator of the Organization of the masses of Babylon which took the initiative to organize the campaign Qutaiba al-Araji, said the "morning": that his organization in collaboration with a number of mass organizations and jurists and citizens, fired campaign it called a campaign (PDF crowd of civil anti-corruption and the corrupt in Babylon), noting that it aims to combat financial and administrative corruption in all its forms in Mahafezh.obin the campaign that is consistent with the orientations of the government and the particular orientations of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi towards combating financial and administrative corruption, derives its legitimacy of the Iraqi Constitution, which gave civil society organizations the right to control the work of government institutions, as a fifth power in the country, pointing out that the billions of dinars from Iraq's money wasted because of the scourge of financial and administrative corruption, which requires particular those responsible for this great waste of public money to stand up, and coordination with regulatory and judicial to end financial and administrative corruption in the pan Albulad.utaba Araji: The campaign will use Bhakoukaan, lawyers and experts in various fields, their mission to collect the evidence necessary for financial and administrative corruption files and data in the province and in particular government contracting and construction projects lagging files, as well as the appointment of staff State and submitted to the competent authorities.